Learning from Earthquakes: First person reports

Condolences to Christchurch, Anne Wein, U.S. Geological Survey

March 16, 2011 by
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Christchurch is my hometown. It was beyond my imagination to one day to be “Learning from Earthquakes” with the EERI team in Christchurch. Growing up here in the 60-80s, I heard about the flood risk, but was unaware of the earthquake risk in Christchurch and certainly had no comprehension of liquefaction and lateral spread potential here. An analysis of earthquake risk and associated hazards in Christchurch was published in Risk and Realities in 1997. However, earthquake research and preparedness activities have disproportionately targeted the nation’s capital, Wellington. So, first I offer my condolences to Christchurch in the place of Reflection and Commemoration on the Archery lawn in Hagley Park.


As devastating as this event is to Christchurch I am relieved to discover that the city still feels like Christchurch!


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