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Calling on Social Scientists to Inform Recovery Decisions. Anne Wein, U.S. Geological Survey

March 21, 2011 by
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Central government is calling on social scientists to inform recovery decisions. On March 15, David Johnston, director Sarah Beaven and Tom Wilson met with Lori Peek, Jeanette Sutton, Anne Wein, and a visiting geographer in the EOC. David shared the questions that are being asked of social scientists. Relevant observations and lessons learned are invited from the international research community regarding:

  1. Internal migration is the biggest ever in New Zealand since the first settlers arrived. Who and why did residents leave Christchurch after the February 22nd earthquake? How many migrants will return? What services need to be provided to reverse the migration?
  2. What range of social interventions should the Ministry of Social Development and Health be considering after back to back disasters?
  3. How do we communicate seismic risk and overcome fears of occupying multiple story buildings?
  4. How should the Ministry of Civil Defense and Science change hazard education while New Zealanders are receptive and demanding engagement throughout New Zealand?
  5. What public policy change will accommodate the redistribution of students in the tertiary education that was previously controlled by caps on student fees?
  6. What short and long term strategies can be used to manage tourism which contributes 9% of New Zealand’s gross domestic product and 19% of export earnings?
  7. How will 10,000 people be temporarily housed during repairs and reconstruction and what are the social implications of the different options?


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