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We need your help! To start the reconnaissance effort and to help folks who are going into the field, we need help uploading data from online media sources to our Interactive Map.

The are two reason we’re piloting this approach on this particular event. First, the major news sources have primarily focused on the effects and damage in the larger cities affected by the earthquake. As a result, many small cities and towns in VA and MD experienced more damage are not getting picked up by on-site photographers from the Washington Post or NY Times. Second, due to the geological features of the region, the effects of this earthquake were felt very widely, and without rapid online research, the EERI teams will likely miss valuable sites.

To participate, please see Interactive Map and tag comments and locations on the map. We’re hopeful that you can help us upload new information from various internet sources, such as local newspaper articles, photo slideshows, social media sources, etc. Feel free to be creative in searching for information. If there’s a photo to associate with your map point, that’s great. If you just have an address and a short description of the damage at that location, that’s great too! Put it on the map!

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments. We are interested in using this approach in future earthquakes as well, so we are very interested in your feedback.


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