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From: “Earthquake damage in D.C. will take time to assess”, Washington Post, Christian Davenport and Susan Svrluga

In Fairfax County, principals at 74 schools reported some earthquake damage, spokesman Paul Regnier said. Each school was being inspected to determine whether repairs are needed. Fairfax students do not return to classes until after Labor Day.

From: “6 students, 1 teacher injured at Louisa High School”, Richmond Times-Dispatch,  Wesley P. Hester

About six students and at least one staff member at Louisa High School were injured during today’s earthquake. One student was taken to UVA Medical Center for treatment, and the other students were treated at the scene by nurses. A teacher suffered minor injuries when a bookcase toppled over onto her.

Structural damage at high school includes cracks in the walls, fallen ceiling tiles, fallen lights and broken glass throughout the building.

From: “Building inspectors urge caution in quake’s wake”, The Baltimore Sun, Tricia Bishop and Liz F. Kay

About 11 [Baltimore] city schools sustained some damage, with cracked bricks and ceilings, authorities said, and another review of buildings was scheduled for Wednesday.

At least one Harford County high school reported a gas leak, and 23 schools in Baltimore County found light to moderate damage, such as cracks in exterior walls and displaced ceiling tiles.

But a Pasadena high school reported roof and other damage, as did some of Annapolis’ historic buildings, including the structure that houses Peppers tourist shop on Main Street. It appeared to tilt several inches, creating a V-shaped gap between it and its neighbor.


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