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From: “Gas leak downtown causes evacuations”, Fredericksburg.com

Two gas leaks that caused evacuations downtown yesterday were located and repaired early this morning by crews from Columbia Gas.  Ruptures in the 8″ cast iron underground natural gas line were discovered near William St at Prince Edward St and near Amelia St at Prince Edward St.  The repairs were completed, and residents and business owners were allowed to return to their homes around 3:30 am today.

From: “Washington Cathedral, Visitors, Residents Rattled by Earthquake”, Bloomberg Business, Nicole Gaouette and Kristin Jensen

A damage assessment by the Pentagon’s Washington Headquarters Services found only a burst pipe that caused “considerable standing water,”

From: “Building inspectors urge caution in quake’s wake”, The Baltimore Sun, Tricia Bishop and Liz F. Kay

At least one Harford County high school reported a gas leak.


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