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From: “Earthquake damage in D.C. will take time to assess”, Washington Post, Christian Davenport and Susan Svrluga In Fairfax County, principals at 74 schools reported some earthquake damage, spokesman Paul Regnier said. Each school was being inspected to determine whether repairs are needed....

Emergency Management

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From: “5.9-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes East Coast”, New York Times, Katharine Q. Seelye Fire alarms sounded throughout the downtown business district in Washington on an otherwise bright and sunny afternoon. Pennsylvania Avenue, from Capitol Hill to the White House, was filled with evacuated...


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From: “Earthquake reported along the East Coast”, Washington Post [DC] Metro spokesman Dan Stessel said Metro trains were limited to running only 15 miles per hour after the earthquake shook the area. Riders should expect significant delays throughout the evening. The speed restrictions are expected...

Nuclear Plants

From: “Once-a-century earthquake rattles East Coast”, Reuters, Lily Kuo and Malathi Nayak Nuclear safety fears grew when one of four emergency diesel generators at the North Anna nuclear power plant in Virginia stopped working due to the quake. But the plant’s safety systems remained...

Damage to Monuments

From: “Earthquake reported along the East Coast”, Washington Post The National Park Service says the Washington Monument may have suffered cracks near its top during Tuesday’s earthquake, and the monument could be closed indefinitely. Park service spokesman Bill Line said there appear to be cracks...


From:  “Why didn’t cellphones work?”, Politico, David Saleh Rauf The technological traffic jam that rendered cellphones useless in the wake of Tuesday’s temblorhas officials pondering a scary question: What happens if a real disaster strikes the nation’s capital? While police and...


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From the U.S. Geological Survey     Location:                           Did You Feel It? Shake Map:

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