Damage to Fire Station & Gilboa Church

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Fire Station Damage –201 1st Street, Mineral, VA

(PHOTO CREDIT: Eatherton)
The fire fighters described a ripple in the floor during the earthquake.  The fire station was built in three parts.  The back part was built in 1975, the middle part was 1950’s and the front part with the main truck bay was building in 2004.

Gilboa Church Damage –30 Ebenezer Rd, Mineral VA

(PHOTO CREDIT: Eatherton)
Top Two: Newer looking portion of building used brick veneer over diagonal straight sheathing.  The veneer was tied to the structure by nailing a 16 penny nail into the sheathing and then encasing the head of the nail in the mortar joint.  The nails pulled out of the sheathing.
Bottom Left: Brick in gable wall failed.  No backing for the brick is apparent.
Bottom Right: Brick at a corner is failing outward


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