EERI-GEER-DRC Virginia earthquake report

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Download the report here

Engineers Rappelling Down Monument to Inspect

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Engineers from WJE have begun the exterior inspection of the Washington Monument, by rappelling down the sides. Click HERE to read more.

Video footage from inside the Washington monument during the Virginia earthquake

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The Washington Monument remains closed after damaged sustained during a 5.8 earthquake in August.

Virginia Fault & Geology Maps

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Three maps with fault and geology of central virginia.  More information and maps can be found at DMME ‘s website.   Fault zones in central Virginia.   Generalized Map representing the Central Virginia Seismic Zone (courtesy of the USGS)    

Preliminary GEER Lifelines Report from Russell A. Green, PhD, PE

From Russell A. Green at GEER: I surveyed damage in the epicentral region for the past two days (I arrived about 4 hrs after the earthquake). Power: […] power to the area was mostly restored by the time that I arrived there, so it was only for a few hours at most. Water: There was a water main...


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From Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy: Strong Motion Data: Strong Motion Stations: UNAVCO: Interpretive...

Geophysical Study of the Earth’s Crust in Central Virginia (1988)

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A GEOPHYSICAL STUDY OF THE EARTH’S CRUST IN CENTRAL VIRGINIA: IMPLICATIONS FOR APPALACHIAN CRUSTAL STRUCTURE JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH JUNE 10, 1988 By Thomas L. Pratt, Cahit Coruh, and John K. Costain (Regional Geophysics Laboratory, Department of Geological Sciences, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Lynn...


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From: “Gas leak downtown causes evacuations”, Two gas leaks that caused evacuations downtown yesterday were located and repaired early this morning by crews from Columbia Gas.  Ruptures in the 8″ cast iron underground natural gas line were discovered near William St...


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We need your help! To start the reconnaissance effort and to help folks who are going into the field, we need help uploading data from online media sources to our Interactive Map. The are two reason we’re piloting this approach on this particular event. First, the major news sources have primarily...

Building Damage

From: “5.9-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes East Coast”, New York Times, Katharine Q. Seelye In Mineral, Va., a town about of about 500 people located four miles from the quake’s center, residents reported extensive damage to items inside homes. China shattered and pictures fell off walls. From: “5.8...

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