The Washington Monument: Geology, Foundations, & Earthquake History

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Authors:  S. Nikolaou, C. Z. Beyzaei, D. W. Christie, & H. S. Lacy of Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers, New York City

Geosciences report from UNAVCO

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From UNAVCO, a non-profit university-governed consortium, facilitating geoscience research and education using geodesy: Community Event Response to the 23 August 2011, Mw=5.8 Virginia Earthquake UNAVCO stands ready to support responses to this event. Current actions include: Recent satellite SAR (ENVISAT)...

Preliminary GEER Lifelines Report from Russell A. Green, PhD, PE

From Russell A. Green at GEER: I surveyed damage in the epicentral region for the past two days (I arrived about 4 hrs after the earthquake). Power: […] power to the area was mostly restored by the time that I arrived there, so it was only for a few hours at most. Water: There was a water main...

Geophysical Study of the Earth’s Crust in Central Virginia (1988)

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A GEOPHYSICAL STUDY OF THE EARTH’S CRUST IN CENTRAL VIRGINIA: IMPLICATIONS FOR APPALACHIAN CRUSTAL STRUCTURE JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH JUNE 10, 1988 By Thomas L. Pratt, Cahit Coruh, and John K. Costain (Regional Geophysics Laboratory, Department of Geological Sciences, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Lynn...