EERI Reconnaissance Report now available

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The EERI reconnaissance report for this earthquake is now available for download. The report has been prepared by a small team of investigators, led by Ayhan Irfanoglu of Purdue University. Team members include Rafael Alaluf, Ricardo Hernandez and Cemalettin Donmez. EERI Special Earthquake Report

Purdue Experts Try to Help Quake-Tossed Turkey

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Purdue University civil engineer Ayhan Irfanoglu traveled to his native country of Turkey recently to investigate the collapse of buildings in  Ercis, Turkey after the 7.2 earthquake.  Irfanoglu is part of an Earthquake Engineering Research Institute rapid response team that has expressed that a lot...

M5.7 Earthquake Near Van on November 9, 2011

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Another earthquake on November 9, 2011 occurred near Van.  There were at least 18 new collapses of buildings and structural damage can be observed in buildings that were also weakened by the October 23 earthquake of magnitude 7.2.  The CNN news article and a video of the rescue teams at the collapse...

MTA field report (in Turkish)

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See the report here. This report includes information on surface faulting, shoreline evidence of deformation, etc.

Latest Report on Impacts from CEDIM

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The CEDIM Forensic Earthquake Analysis Group has prepared a follow-up report for the Eastern Turkey earthquake of October 23, 2011:  Comparing the current impact of the Van Earthquake to past earthquakes in Eastern Turkey. This report contains improved information on the earthquake source, ground...

HDDS for Turkey Earthquake (updated on November 3, 2011)

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Filed under Remote Sensing & Imagery – All HDDS data available through Graphical Viewer   – RSS history of recent event data published – Requires login for restricted imagery TURKEY EARTHQUAKE –...

Earthquake Report from the General Directorate of Disaster Affairs

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The report is available in Turkish here. You can also go to the General Directorate of Disaster Affairs – Earthquake Research Department website for more information at:

COSMO-SkyMed SAR pixel offsets map

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Google Earth .kmz file for a map of the range (line-of-sight) pixel offsets from COSMO-SkyMed.  Google Earth .kmz file here. The .kmz file and an image made from it are also available on the GEO Supersite Caption: COSMO-SkyMed (CSK) SAR pixel offsets...

Seismic Hazard Setting map

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  Base map from Source:  USGS

COSMO-Skymed Image of Van

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Map of the image coverage Acquisition details: Satellite ID : SAR4 Polarization: HH Record number: 100720552 Sensor Mode: STR_HIMAGE Lookside: R Missing line percentage:0 Start time: 10/10/11 3:12:57 PM.557 Number of gaps: 0 Stop time: 10/10/11 3:13:05 PM.102 Pass direction: Descending Near Range Incidence...

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