Data Analysis of RAN network records – May 20th event

June 5, 2012  
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Data analysis of RAN network records are shown for the May 20th event. Particularly, 6 stations closer to the epicenter (MRN, MDN, NVL, ISD, CPP, ZPP) have been considered. To easily visualize them, the following map could be helpful.

For each of the three components – South-North (SN, blue), Est-West (EW, black) and vertical (UP, red) – data analysis present time histories (left) and relative acceleration response spectrum (Sa), velocity response spectrum (Sv) and displacement response spectrum (Sd). For each considered station, a comparison between acceleration, velocity and displacement response spectra is presented, according to the three recorded components (SN, EW e UP).

More detailed information can be found here.


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