Data Analysis of RAN network records – May 20th event

June 5, 2012  
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Data analysis of RAN network records are shown for the May 20th event. Particularly, 6 stations closer to the epicenter (MRN, MDN, NVL, ISD, CPP, ZPP) have been considered. To easily visualize them, the following map could be helpful. For each of the three components – South-North (SN, blue), Est-West...

EPICentre intermediate damage report

June 2, 2012  
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EPICentre has produced a report on the observed damage from the Emilia earthquake following a reconnaissance mission to the earthquake affected areas by 6 members of EPICentre and Professor David Alexander. This report presents an overview of the state of damage and earthquake effects after the first...

Civil Protection report on strong motion and geological observations

The Italian Civil Protection has published a first report entitled “The Emilia thrust earthquake of 20 May 2012 (Northern Italy): strong motion and geological observations”, in collaboration with the University of Chieti (GeoSis-Lab), the University of Trieste and the Regione Umbria. You can download...

Shake maps of the 29th May aftershock

May 31, 2012  
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Maps relative to the interpolation of the components recorded by the stations of the RAN network for the May 29th aftershock are presented herein. The map below shows the interpolation of peak ground acceleration – horizontal components (PGA_h) – recorded by the stations of the RAN  network...

Damage Scenarios – Aftershocks, 29th May

May 31, 2012  
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A new earthquake of Ml 5.8 hit the Emilia Romagna region on Tuesday, May the 29, at 09:00:03 local time (07:00:03 UTC). The dicentra location has been recorded at 44.851, 11.086, near to Medolla, at 10.2 Km depth. An update of the damage scenarios for the residential buildings has been carried out. More...

Damage Scenarios – Mainshock, 20th May

May 31, 2012  
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Eucentre has developed WebGIS systems addressed to the evaluation of the seismic  risk of several structures and infrastructures. Contents of this preliminary scenario are related to WebGIS systems to evaluate the seismic risk of residential buildings, schools and road system. To determine shakemaps,...

Preliminary Report on the 2012, May 20th, Emilia Earthquake

This report presents the results of a preliminary survey in the area affected by the May 20, 2012 Emilia, Northern  Italy, earthquake. In this report, a reconstruction of the local seismic catalogues is presented, the damage to historical buildings, rural buildings, industrial buildings and reinforced-concrete...

Map of the ground deformation

May 26, 2012  
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Data from the radar satellite COSMO-SkyMed of the Italian Space Agency (ASI) has shown the surface ground deformation, allowing researchers from CNR-Irea and INGV to carry out the first evaluations of the affected area. A part of the studied area shows that a deformation up to 15 centimetres occurred....

Shake maps and comparison with recordings

May 25, 2012  
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The map below shows the interpolated values of PGA of the stations of the RAN network (last accessed 25/05/2012). The map below shows the median values of PGA predicted with the Bindi et al. (2011) ground-motion prediction equation for soil type C for the horizontal component, plotted on top of the...