EERI LFE Committee Preliminary Reconnaissance Observations

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The EERI Learning from Earthquakes (LFE) Committee, led by chair Ken Elwood (M. EERI, 1994), reached out to colleagues in Chile to compile this article for the EERI membership that summarizes their initial observations from the April 1, 2014 M8.2 earthquake and tsunami. This article is compiled by Juan...

Preliminary Observations by Montalva and Cerda at Universidad de Concepción

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Contributed by: Gonzalo A. Montalva and Fernando A. Cerda Universidad de Concepción Although the 8.2 Mw that struck Iquique this past April 1st was less energetic than the 2010 Maule EQ, the available records show the same surface intensity demand for similar site conditions. The geotechnical and...

Earth Pressure & Slope Failure on Route A16

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Contributed by: Gabriel Candia Postdoctoral Researcher at CIGIDEN Universidad del Desarrollo Traffic disruption due to displaced slopes and rock movements. Traffic on route A16 between the cities of Iquique and Alto Hospicio was interrupted as a result of several slopes displacements and rock falls....

Pisagua-Patache Seismic Sequence Rapid Response Internal Report

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Gabriel González, Pablo Salazar, Juan González and Mahesh Shrivasta along with UCN-Collaborators; Mario Pereira and Rodrigo Riquelme authored a rapid response internal report titled: The 16th March-3 April 2014, Pisagua-Patache Seismic Sequence Click Here for the Full Report in PDF Format (1Mb)

Effect of 8.2 Mw Iquique Earthquake on Tall Buildings

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Contributed by: Mario Lafontaine R.   Director de Nuevas Tecnologías Rene Lagos Engineers An 8.2 Mw Earthquake struck the Chilean coast on April 1st. The epicenter was located 95km NW of Iquique. There are many 20+ story buildings in the affected area with similar characteristics than those affected...

Redwood Coast Tsunami Work Group Facebook Page

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Redwood Coast Tsunami Work Group promotes resiliency to natural disasters in North Coast communities. They have been frequently updating their Facebook page with information about the Earthquake and Tsunami. Visit them here: Redwood Coast Tsunami Work Group Facebook Page