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The following are observations have been gleaned from media sources



The CHP reported that state Route 121 at Route 29 is damaged, with cracks that could cause flat tires. (via LA Times)

An overpass in Vallejo on Highway 37 headed toward American Canyon showed several areas where the roadway had separated and concrete crumbled. (via LA Times)

There was a report of buckling on an off-ramp from westbound Highway 37 to Highway 29 at Sonoma Boulevard. The highways were open. (via SF Gate)


Mobile Home Fire


A fire at a Napa mobile home park on Orchard Avenue destroyed four homes and damaged two others as firefighters improvised to put out the blaze, with a water main broken and unavailable. (via SF Gate)


One of the worst scenes of damage Sunday was at the Napa Valley Mobile Home Park at 1040 Orchard Ave. near Mark Way, where a fire burned at least four homes. A broken water main hobbled firefighters’ efforts to control the blaze. Water trucks were brought to the scene, enabling firefighters to control the blaze before 6 a.m. There were no injuries. The cause of the fire was unknown. PG&E said its natural-gas lines were not responsible. (via SF Gate)




Some of the earliest photos posted on social media came from David Duncan, chief executive of Silver Oak Winery in Oakville, 12 miles north of Napa, who lost hundreds of bottles in his office. They were mostly blends the winery makes from single vineyards. In the winery, three casks fell and began to leak, but they were able to salvage them.  (via LA Times)


Robert Sinskey of Robert Sinskey Vineyards on the Silverado Trail north of the town of Napa tweeted “#bummer #earthquake #harvest 2014” with a picture of what looks like an office or storage room, cabinets opened, contents spilled, wine cabinets turned over. (via LA Times)


Wine publicist and journalist Alan Goldfarb reports that Bouchaine Vineyards, also in Carneros, lost a good deal of Cabernet (they’re still trying to figure out how much). (via LA Times)


Wine importer Steve Ventrello who also makes wine under the Parador Cellars  label and lives in the city of Napa, wrote in an email that “Our company sample room (our converted garage) reminds me of Valentino Restaurant after that quake of 1994.” (via LA Times)


A quake such as this has impacted not only wineries, but wine businesses in the valley. Carole Meredith of Lagier Meredith, a small producer with a vineyard on Mt. Veeder tweeted out a photo of the damage at Napa Barrel Care “where thousands of barrels are stored, including ours.” In another tweet, she says “Just heard from a friend that wine is flowing out to NBC into the parking lot.”  (via LA Times)


Downtown Napa

There was widespread damage in downtown Napa, with bricks, concrete chunks and broken glass littering the street and building debris on parked cars. (via SF Gate)

At the Don Perico Mexican restaurant on First Street, there were no outward signs of problems on the exterior of the building. But inside, a pile of bricks stood several feet high. (via SF Gate)

At the Bounty Hunter restaurant down the street, broken wine bottles littered the floor. But the eatery’s “holy grail” case, containing prized bottles worth up to $80,000, remained intact. (via SF Gate)

Hardest hit was Napa, where 20,786 homes and businesses remained without power as of 8 a.m., according to Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (via SF Gate)

A woman who asked to be identified as Theresa said she had trouble getting out of her boyfriend’s home because it shifted off the foundation. She went across the street and watched the home burn to the ground. (via SF Gate)

Joni and Jeff Enos were jolted awake Sunday morning at their home on Stonebridge Drive in Browns Valley — near the quake’s suspected origin. “We’re OK, but it felt like somebody lifted our house up and shook it,” Joni Enos said. “The neighbor’s chimney’s on the lawn, our pool’s half empty. It did weird stuff, uprooted little trees, pots broken. Our fountain toppled over.” (via San Jose Mercury News)

St. Helena

In St. Helena, 4,246 customers remained in the dark, along with 4,463 in Santa Rosa. Police reminded motorists to stop at darkened intersections. (via SF Gate)

Downtown Vallejo

Some buildings in downtown Vallejo also sustained damage. (via SF Gate)

Western Contra Costa County

Some power lines were down in western Contra Costa County, but major Bay Area bridges appeared to be fine, according to the California Highway Patrol. (via SF Gate)

North Bay

There were widespread reports of power outages, gas leaks and flooding in the North Bay. (via SF Gate)


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