EERI Daily Recap and Update: 27 Apr 2015

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Travel & Airport Information:
USAR teams that have not yet arrived in Kathmandu have been advised to stand down. There have been reported difficulties in getting aircraft in to Kathmandu as there is only space for six aircraft on the apron and the Nepal Aviation Authority will not issue landing permits anymore. Currency exchange and ATM at the airport are closed, therefore it is very difficult to get cash. Many people are waiting at the airport in order to leave the country. Internet connection at the airport is not stable. Only a limited number of landing permission are being given to arriving relief cargo airplanes due to the airport’s limitation of parking lots. Many humanitarian aid workers are stuck in the airport at Karkatta (India) as well.

EERI Virtual Clearinghouse Improvements:
The virtual clearinghouse site will be reorganized shortly to more clearly showcase technical resources (such as technical reports and studies of the impacted regions pre-quake, literature related to observed quake effects, etc.) and research ideas or areas for study for field teams. EERI members are encouraged to submit relevant information to for posting.

Reconnaissance Teams:
EERI’s list of members interested in participating in reconnaissance is growing rapidly. Members with knowledge or professional experience in Nepal and other impacted regions will be strongly considered for the team by the LFE Executive Committee in the coming days.

EERI has heard from many other partner organizations who are considering sending field teams in the coming weeks and months. These organizations include: GEER, GHI, Build Change, Disaster Research Centre (Delaware), EEFIT, Miyamoto, Center for Disaster Management at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany), PEER, and NICEE.


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