Reports: “Nearly 5000 Schools Destroyed”

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source: Save the Children

Actors on the ground estimate that 80% of schools in affected areas outside of Kathmandu have sustained damage. Approximately 5,000 schools have been totally destroyed. (source)

The UN’s daily situation report said yesterday there are 16,000 schools in the areas affected by the earthquake – but that the “extent of damage in all districts is still being assessed”. But it added: “Initial reports from affected districts indicate that a huge proportion of school facilities have been totally destroyed or severely damaged due to the earthquake. Schools that are still standing are being used as shelters by displaced populations.” (source)

“Many schools have been damaged or destroyed and all state-run schools have been closed down in the wake of the disaster. In neighbouring India, schools in Uttar Pradesh are also shut for two days because of fresh tremors.”
“But many schools have been affected by the earthquake. In Gorkha district, the chief government official said that 50% of houses and schools had collapsed. And there are fears for thousands of undocumented Tibetan refugees.”

“In Gorkha alone, Save the Children staff estimates that 90% of the district’s 500 schools have been destroyed or badly damaged, affecting 75,000 school children.”

“95 per cent school buildings in Sindhupalchowk district suffered damage” (source)

Images of damaged schools:

Nepal’s First School Source: @ppariyar



High School Source: @oopsididit



Source: @anpmsn







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