Up-to-date aftershock catalogs

Recent seismicity lists and maps can be obtained from various places. The various links to web-services use a pre-selected a geographic box that encompasses all of Nepal, namely min latitude = 26.096N, max latitude = 30.581N, min longitude = 79.849E, max longitude = 88.330E.

National Seismological Centre of Nepal, magnitude 4 and bigger detected with local seismic network

USGS Earthquake Catalog, detected with global seismic network (map/list on earthquake.usgs.gov)
USGS Earthquake Catalog as above, text-list
USGS Earthquake Catalog as above, download kml-file
USGS Earthquake Catalog as above, download csv-file

International Seismological Centre, On-line Bulletin, http://www.isc.ac.uk, Internatl. Seis. Cent., Thatcham, United Kingdom, 2012. (link to IRIS DMC Mirror)


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