Pre-Gorkha EQ Landslides in Nepal (2)

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Natural and human-induced landsliding in the Garhwal Himalaya of northern India
Patrick L. Barnard, Lewis A. Owen, Milap C. Sharma, Robert C. Finkel
Geomorphology 40 (2001) 21-35
This paper looks at the effects of a M 6.6 earthquake that took place March 28th, 1999 in the Garhwal Himalaya. “The earthquake was focused ~10.8 km WNW of Camoli (30.49 degrees N, 79.29 degrees E) at a depth of ~15km.”
Within the study area, the earthquake initiated about 50 small landslides. The setting of this study is very close to Nepal, and appears to have a very similar geological setting.

Trends in landslide occurrence in Nepal 2007
David N. Petley, Gareth J. Hearn, Andrew Hart, Nicholas J. Rosser, Stuart A. Dunning, Katie Oven, Wishart A. Mitchell
October 2007, Volume 43, Issue 1, pp 23-44
Natural Hazards
“The aim of the study reported here is to compile and evaluate data regarding the temporal trends in landslide occurrence in Nepal in the period 1978-2005 and to use these data to attempt to understand the underlying causes of changes in landslide impacts through time.”


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