Schools Begin to Reopen

June 1, 2015 by  
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Courtesy BBC

According to the BBC, schools have begun to reopen in Nepal. Many are using rudimentary and temporary construction, such as bamboo and tarpaulins, but it’s an important step for the recovery of the country. Some estimates show 8,000 schools were closed in the immediate aftermath of the quake.  Source

From NBC:

“Hari Lamsal, an education ministry official, said opening of schools was important to show that life is getting back to normal.

“We will construct temporary learning centres for schools because reconstruction of old buildings will take time,” Lamsal said.

The government and aid agencies have built 137 temporary learning centres for 14,000 children who attended schools across Nepal on Sunday.” Source.

From Reuters, a video news article about schools reopening: Source.

From Al Jazeera, a report from a school in Lalitpur upon its reopening: Source.

From Buzzfeed, a series of pictures of temporary schools: Source.



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