Virtual Team Collaborators established for Nepal Reconnaissance Team

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EERI has established a new reconnaissance role, Virtual Team Collaborator (VTC), to engage more members in reconnaissance activities, especially early career professionals and students.

Each VTC will be paired with a field team member in a matching discipline or interest area.  The responsibilities will include the following items, though tasks will vary depending on the needs of each field team member:

  1. Pre-departure information synthesis to glean and synthesize the most important information, reports, articles, or locations of particular interest to the team member’s role and focus areas. Field team members’ time will be limited preparing for departure and wrapping up other obligations, so VTCs will need to be concise and share the most relevant information, not necessarily all information.
  2. Dissemination support upon return of the field team member to help upload field images and captions to the online data map or help clean up field contributions. The VTC may also contribute to the compilation of text or slides for the EERI Earthquake Reconnaissance Summary Report or Briefing Webinar.

The VTCs for the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake in Nepal are:

VTC VTC Affiliation VTC Title Team Member
Deepak Pant University of Toronto Post-Doc Bret Lizundia
Chiara McKenney Estructure Structural Designer Surya Narayan Shrestha
Tracy Becker McMaster University Assistant Professor Hari Kumar
Martha Cuenca UIUC Masters Student Chris Poland
Melissa Tucker Aurora Mental Health Center, Aurora, CO. Community Education Coordinator Courtney Welton-Mitchell
Lisa Krain Johns Hopkins Ph.D. Student Judy Mitrani-Reiser
Sabina Surana Reid Middleton Project Engineer Hemant Kaushik
Lisa Shrestha University of Buffalo Ph.D. Student Rachel Davidson
Brett Maurer Virginia Tech Ph.D. Student Jan Kupec
Diane Moug UC Davis Ph.D. Student John Bevington
Camilla Favaretti UC Irvine Ph.D. Student Suraj Shrestha
Jennifer Lazo City of Berkeley Emergency Services Coordinator Ganesh Kumar Jimee
Sean McGowan USGS Civil Engineer Kishor Jaiswal

EERI staff selected VTCs based on the following criteria: past EERI involvement, current EERI membership, expressed interest in participating, relevant skills or knowledge about the region impacted by the earthquake, and expertise/disciplinary match with team members.


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