Update on EERI Nepal Earthquake Response and Briefings

July 15, 2015 by  
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EERI coordinated with nearly 30 international and US-based groups in responding to the April 25, 2015, earthquake in Gorkha, Nepal. As part of the EERI Learning from Earthquakes program, a 13-member reconnaissance team visited the region in early June. With the help of 25 young professional and graduate students acting as Virtual Team Collaborators (VTCs) and Earthquake Clearinghouse curators, reconnaissance team members are finalizing presentations on initial observations from the trip.

In the next month, presentation briefings from individual EERI team members will be available to the public in a series of online videos. A live briefing presented in conjunction with partner organizations is also planned. Details on both will be posted and emailed to members as soon as dates, times, and locations are confirmed.

Data collection has been a key focus of the EERI response to this earthquake, with team members geolocating and captioning images while in the field, resulting in over 11,000 geotagged photos. With the help of the VTCs, over the coming months the images will also be tagged with damage state and discipline information. The result will be a comprehensive collection of images that can be filtered, searched, and viewed by members and follow-up research teams. This will be the first time EERI reconnaissance teams have successfully created an image database that supports improved data visualization through an online data map, and will set a new standard for earthquake reconnaissance data collection and archiving.


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