Video, main shock seismic record lined up with security camera footage

Engineering firm Exponent created an interesting video by synchronizing the recording of the main shock by station KATNP with video footage recorded in a building nearby (note: seismic instrument is NOT in the same building). You can see the server racks move relative to the floor (the floor is moving...

Ground motion data from KATNP now also available for the two large May 12 events.

The Center for Engineering Strong Motion Data (CESMD) also posted  data for the two large aftershocks on May 12th. Time stamps of the records may not be accurate. NepalAftershock1_12May2015 2015-05-12 07:05:19 UTC 27.837 086.077 7.3 NepalAftershock2_12May2015 2015-05-12 07:36:53 UTC 27.618 086.166 6.3 CESMD:...

Two Mw >6 aftershocks on May 12

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Mw 7.3 and Mw 6.3 and several Mw 5+  aftershocks occurred on the eastern edge of the aftershock region on May 12, 2015. Mw 7.3 2015-05-12 USGS Earthquake Page Mw 6.3 2015-05-12 USGS Earthquake Page  

Ground motion measurements in Kathmandu

A single U.S.G.S. NetQuakes instrument was installed in Kathmandu with help from John Galetzka (now at Unavco) and the U.S. State Department several years ago. It has recorded the main shock and has triggered on many aftershocks. The peak acceleration at this instrument’s location during the Main...

Up-to-date aftershock catalogs

Recent seismicity lists and maps can be obtained from various places. The various links to web-services use a pre-selected a geographic box that encompasses all of Nepal, namely min latitude = 26.096N, max latitude = 30.581N, min longitude = 79.849E, max longitude = 88.330E. National Seismological Centre...

Renate Hartog is lead curator for Seismology/Aftershock

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Welcome to Renate Hartog, who has volunteered to act as curator of information on Seismology/Aftershock from the Nepal Earthquake of April 25, 2015.