Information on geotechnical impacts—landslides and liquefaction—from the April 25, 2015, Nepal earthquake.

Liquefaction Hazard Studies: Kathmandu Valley

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Compilation of Liquefaction Hazard Analyses (Pre-Gorkha Earthquake) in Kathmandu Valley Posted by Brett Maurer 5/11/15 Geological database for Liquefaction hazard assessment in Kathmandu Valley; B.K. Piya (2004) Liquefaction Hazard Map of Kathmandu Valley Floor; OCHA Nepal (2008) Liquefaction Potential...

Pre-Gorkha EQ Landslides in Nepal (1)

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The following listings provide resources and information concerning recent landslides that have occurred in Nepal (nearby the Gorkha region), before the April 25, 2015 earthquake. Data compiled by: Diane Moug

Curators of Geotechnical Impacts

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Welcome to the individuals below who have volunteered to act as curators of information on geotechnical impacts, specifically landslides and liquefaction, from the Nepal Earthquake of April 25, 2015.   Patrick Bassal works as a geotechnical engineering professional with Amec Foster Wheeler in...

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