World Housing Encyclopedia Reports for Chile

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EERI & IAEE’s World Housing Encyclopedia (WHE) is a collection of resources related to housing construction practices in the seismically active areas of the world. The mission is to share experiences with different construction types and encourage the use of earthquake-resistant technologies worldwide.

The WHE Report Database contains 130 reports on housing construction types in 43 seismically active countries contributed by volunteers. Each housing report is a detailed description of a housing type in a particular country. The description is prepared from a number of standard closed-ended questions and some narrative that have been provided by report authors. Each report has five major categories including architectural and structural features; Building Materials and Construction Process; Socio-economic Issues; Past Performance In Earthquakes, Seismic Features and Vulnerability; and Retrofit. The database contains the following five reports describing construction typologies common in Chile:

  1. Steel frame buildings with shear walls
  2. Reinforced clay/concrete block masonry building
  3. Concrete frame and shear wall building
  4. Confined block masonry building
  5. Concrete shear walls buildings


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