Chilean Schools Prepared for Earthquake

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The Chilean schools were more prepared for the shake that occurred in September, than back in 2010. According to the Daily News, schools practice Earthquake drills.  

Preliminary Reconnaissance Observations by CIGIDEN and Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

A preliminary Reconnaissance Observation Report has been created for EERI by the National Research Center for Integrated Natural Disasters Management, CIGIDEN, and the Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. Download the six page Report of...

HOUSING – Illapel Earthquake

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Juan Obando [1], David Ugalde [1], Diego López-García [2],[3]   In the area affected by the earthquake, which includes the cities of Illapel (30,000 inhabitants), Coquimbo (200,000 inhabitants), and La Serena (198,000 inhabitants), the percentage of housing units with damage exclusively caused...

Ground motion assessment summary

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Ericson Encina & Ana Gabriela Haro Chile is one of the most earthquake-prone countries in the world. On an interview, the deputy head of the National Seismological Centre (CSN), Dr. Mario Pardo, stated  “… statistically, each 8 to 10 years some Chilean location is struck by a destructive...

Population’s perception of the 2015 Illapel’s earthquake

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Ericson Encina & Ana Gabriela Haro The 8.4 Mw magnitude earthquake of Illapel could be felt in a vast region of central and northern Chile (Earthquake intensity), Argentina (Clarín Newspaper, INPRESS Agency) and Uruguay (El País Newspaper). People who experienced the quake remarked its long...

Minor structural damage – RC Buildings

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Ana Gabriela Haro & Ericson Encina Zuniga According to Reuters, the 8.3M earthquake, which hit the Chile’s Northen coast on 16 September 2015, was felt even in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This severe earthquake lasted three minutes and was followed by many aftershocks, however, it did not...

Strong Motion Records Analysis By Ruben Boroschek, University of Chile

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A preliminary report describing and analyzing the strong motion recordings from the M8.3 September 16, 2015 earthquake in Chile has been prepared and shared by Professor Ruben Boroschek from the University of Chile. The report shows acceleration and integrated velocity and displacement series for a few...

Preliminary assessment of structural performance – RC Buildings

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Ana Gabriela Haro & Ericson Encina Zuniga “The difference between being in a earthquake and being in a disaster is the level of preparation – and this begins with Chile’s strict building codes,” said Christophe Schmachtel, a UN humanitarian affairs officer based in Geneva, in an article...

The State of Dams and Levees following the M8.3 Illapel, Chile Earthquake

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Following the September 16, 2015 M8.3 earthquake near Illapel, Chile, there is little reported damage to dams.  The Chilean President noted on September 17 that dams in the country were in good condition.  The GDACS Earthquake Impact report lists only one dam, the Cogoti dam, as at risk.  The Cogoti...