Tsunami Resilience Observation Report by EERI and CIGIDEN

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January 14-18, 2017 , EERI teamed up with Centro Nacional de Investigación para la Gestión Integrada de Desastres Naturales (CIGIDEN) of Santiago, Chile to offer the first ever Learning from Earthquakes Travel Study Program. Sixteen graduate students and young professionals accompanied by four expert mentors engaged in a variety of interactive learning activities including field data collection, tours of research and operational facilities, and visits to locations impacted by recent earthquakes in Chile.

The LFE Travel Study Program is an initiative of EERI to conduct field study trips to earthquake affected regions around the world that offer members a unique opportunity to learn directly from local experts in the field, facilitating international knowledge transfer. Field study trips also help participants understand the role and importance of EERI reconnaissance activities and inspire them to become future leaders in the field of earthquake engineering and earthquake risk reduction. For more information about the LFE Travel Study Program visit here.

For the tsunami resilience activity, participants were divided into four-member teams to assess the evacuation plan of the city of Viña del Mar by identifying obstacles that may hinder an evacuation process in the event of a tsunami warning. The groups simulated the evacuation process in their assigned section of the city, assessed the distribution and capacity of the meeting points throughout the city, and identified and mapped the obstacles in the evacuation routes as well as the critical and strategic facilities, infrastructure, lifelines, and utilities present within the inundation zone.

Tsunami Resilience Observation Activity Report

Tsunami Evacuation Zone 1.(pdf) by Preetish Kakoty, Barbara Simpson, Marisella Ortega, and Wael Hassan

Tsunami Evacuation Zone 2.(pdf) by Laura Whitehurst, Kelsey Wittels, Keshab Sharma, and José Luis Baquedano

Tsunami Evacuation Zone 3.(pdf) by Quinn Peck, Ana Maria Parra Bastidas, Alexandria Julius, and Sandra Hyde

Tsunami Evacuation Zone 4.(pdf) by Laura Hernandez, Catherine Johnson, Chad Norvell, and Alvaro Rubinos

Map of Obstacles on Evacuation Routes


To hear more of what the LFE Travel Study Program did in their time in Chile here is a link to Resilience Reconnaissance Observation Report.


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