Taiwan Earthquake Reconnaissance Briefing Webinar

In this webinar hosted by EERI, reconnaissance teams that traveled to Taiwan to study the February 6, 2016, earthquake presented their observations. Briefing content was a collaboration from more than five teams that traveled to the impacted region, and provided key insights into the various aspects of shaking characteristics, earthquake damage, response, and performance of pre-event mitigation measures.

The topics discussed include:

Geology & Seismology (6:00)
by Kevin Clahan, Lettis Consultants International (representing GEER Team)
Presentation PDF File

Ground Response (20:05)
by Joseph Sun, PG&E (representing GEER Team)
Presentation PDF File

Liquefaction Induced Building Damages & GEER Team Remote Sensing Efforts (35:33)
by Tara Hutchinson, Professor, UC San Diego (representing GEER Team)
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Building Response (57:15)
by Jiun-Wei Lai, Designer, Degenkolb Engineers (representing Degenkolb Team)
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Community Response: Infrastructure Damage, Tainan Resilience (01:16:16)
by Kevin S. Moore, Principal, Simpson, Gumpertz & Heger (representing SGH Team)
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Professional Development Hours are available to those who attended the session. Please email Shizza Fatima at shizza@eeri.org for further details.