New EERI Briefing Video Online – “Damage to Highway Bridges”

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The EERI Learning from Earthquakes Briefing Series on the April 16, 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake is a series of 15-minute video presentations on various aspects of the earthquake. You can find the series by clicking here, or click here to view entire playlist (Vimeo).


NEW (below): Damage to Highway Bridgesby Denis Istrati, University of Nevada, Reno


(For best image quality while viewing on Vimeo, EERI recommends that you click the HD button in the bottom-right corner of the video window.)

Kumamoto Earthquake Damage to Highway Bridges, by Denis Istrati

182 bridges sustained structural damage in Japan’s Kumamoto Prefecture (熊本県) after Mw6.2 and Mw7.0 earthquakes struck on April 14 and 16, 2016, respectively. The bridge damage mostly occurred along the Futagawa Fault Zone, with a few reported total collapses.

In this video, Denis Istrati (University of Nevada, Reno) examines 7 of these damaged bridges, constructed between 1971 and 2001, and ranging from 47 to 867 meters long. While the earthquakes’ intense shaking was to blame for some of the damage, landslide-induced ground deformation also played a significant role in some of Istrati’s examples.

This reconnaissance survey was sponsored by the United States Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), with support from:

  • Sheila Duwadi (FHWA)
  • Ron Bromenschenckel (Caltrans)
  • Jim Cuthbertson (WashDOT)
  • Ian Buckle (UNR)
  • David Sanders (UNR)
  • Denis Istrati (UNR)
  • National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management of Japan (NILIM)
  • Public Works Research Institute (PWRI)

This briefing video is hosted by the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute’s Learning from Earthquakes program.


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