Overview of Damage to Roads and Bridges in Nishihara Area

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By Yasutaka Narazaki, Cuiyan Kong   Overview of Nishihara Area Nishihara area is located 10km northeast from Mashiki town and faces Minami-Aso village on its east end. The area is located on the Futagawa fault zone which showed slips around 2m at the ground surface (right strike-slip fault) [1]....

Ground motions of the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake

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By Yasutaka Narazaki Overview of the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake The 2016 Kumamoto earthquake caused severe damage to Kumamoto area, Japan. Due to the shallow depth of epicenter, the particularly severe damage was caused in Mashiki town located 10km away from Kumamoto city. The earthquake consists of two...