Road Damage in Manabí

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by Anna Weiser-Woodward

The province of Manabí was one of the most heavily destructed regions affected by the April 16 earthquake in Ecuador. Many roads and bridges have been significantly damaged, making travel in and out of Manabí congested and in some instances, dangerous. Earthquake induced landslides have made travel to the hard-hit coast difficult. One such road connecting El Carmen and Pedernales was obstructed by an earthquake induced landslide, preventing humanitarian aid carrying water and food supplies from being able to enter initially. Heavy machinery cleared the blockage on April 17th. Another landslide occurred on April 20th, again hindering people from traveling to the coastal town of Pedernales. At the time, this was the only main route to Pedernales.

While most roads have reopened as of May 4th, several major arteries of the region have limited accessibility. In addition to the sever damage to roads of Manabí, the Port ‘Autoridad Portuaria de Manta’ is not operational.

In the video below, an Ecuadorian citizen shows the extensive damage to the Mejia Bridge, which connects the towns of Portoviejo and Crucita. 

Blocked Lane

El Carmen – Pedernales Road After Landslide

People walk though landslide

People walk over road obstructed by landslide

Road in Portoviejo, Manabi

Road in Portoviejo, Manabí









Destruction to the elevated road entrance to a partially collapsed bridge.

Picture posted to Twitter of road entrance to the Portoviejo collapsed Mejia bridge





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