EERI Reconnaissance Team Report on the Muisne, Ecuador Earthquake is now available

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A new special report, EERI Earthquake Reconnaissance Team Report: M7.8 Muisne, Ecuador Earthquake on April 16, 2016, is now available for download:

Download the EERI Earthquake Reconnaissance Team Report (10 MB PDF)

The EERI Earthquake Reconnaissance Team’s ninety-page report describes the findings of a seven-member international team sent by EERI’s Learning from Earthquakes program from May 9—13, 2016 to investigate building practices, building damage (including hospital damage) as well as tagging and shoring issues. A chapter on geotechnical damage is included from the Geotechnical Extreme Event Reconnaissance (GEER) and Applied Technology Council (ATC) team, while the Earthquake Engineering Field Investigation Team (EEFIT) contributed information on structural damage and a separate appendix on the earthquake refugee camps. The report concludes with a succinct summary of major observations and findings.

Forrest Lanning (M. EERI, 2009) led the EERI team composed of structural engineers from both practice and academia.

The EERI reconnaissance team previously produced a series of presentations in different topic areas by members of the team that visited Ecuador in May, as well as a presentation by GEER/ATC’s co-team leader. This briefing video can be watched from the Musine, Ecuador virtual earthquake clearinghouse.

Watch the EERI Ecuador Briefing Video


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