Housing Situation Update, 31 August 2016

September 1, 2016  
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By Sahar Derakhshan and Ezra Jampole


“As of August 30th, 2,925 people have been displaced: 970 in the region of Lazio, 1,200 in the region of Marche and 755 in the region of Umbria. There is no official number of missing people as rescue activities are still on-going.

On 30 August 2016, the Civil Protection reported 3,554 people have been assisted and are being accommodated in camps (… Read more)”.

“The affected area is sparsely populated and mountainous and around 40 km to the North of the city of L’Aquila that was devastated in the April 2009 earthquake of similar magnitude. From north to south, within a distance of about 15 km, worst affected were the villages of Pescara del Tronto – population 135, Accumoli – population 670 and Amatrice – population 2650.

Inspection of damage photos suggests that large proportion of these villages have lost most of their residential building stock.

The majority of the buildings that collapsed were 2 to 4 story unreinforced stone masonry construction with wooden floors. Some severe damage to reinforced concrete or hybrid construction buildings has also been seen, but it is limited in number e.g. Hotel Roma in Amatrice. Most of the masonry buildings are very old (built prior to 1920) and were in need of substantial strengthening (…Read more)”.







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