Summary of Impacts to Lifelines and Utilities from the August 24, 2016 Amatrice, Italy Earthquake

September 14, 2016  
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By Nicole Paul and Brian Austin

Regional Roads (e.g. Highways)

Status: Disrupted

Several roads that facilitate access into Amatrice have been blocked or damaged from the earthquake. Of particular concern is damage to bridges that are the only efficient means of accessing the city [Al Jazeera]. Aftershocks increased damage to roads and bridges. Primary passageways into the city have been entirely blocked and alternative routes require passage over an also-damaged bridge. There are reports of massive congestion in and out of the city that inhibits movement of emergency vehicles [ABC27]. Shortly after the earthquake, the mayor indicated a need for heavy equipment to help clear the rubble-clogged streets.

Electric Power

Status: Disrupted

Power outages have affected nearly 6,000 end-users as well as services, especially in the Lazio region. Hydroelectric power plants in the area are to be inspected [Interfax Energy].


Status: Leaks Reported

Gas leaks directly after the earthquake were reported, inhibiting rescue efforts. [Financial Express]

Potable Water

Status: Disrupted

Mayor of Amatrice has banned personal consumption or use of the town’s water. Reports indicate dangerous levels of bacteria found at points in the town’s water supply, as of September 5th [The Local Italy].

Auxilary Water (for firefighting)

Status: No Reports


Status: No Reports

City streets

Status: Disrupted

Streets within the city are significantly impeded due to debris and rubble caused by the earthquake. The main street throughout Amatrice has been devastated [Time].

Source: @danielemargutti

Roads are very narrow in the city, making movement throughout the city especially vulnerable to debris [Al Jazeera].

Source: Gregorio Borgia/AP


Status: Disrupted

Telecommunications are limited due to power shortages and reduced capability within the region [660 News]. However, some service providers announced announced free service to the region [Daily Record].

Public Transit

Status: N/A


Status: N/A


Status: N/A


Status: No Reports


Status: Disrupted

Rescue organizations have requested that locals remove Wi-Fi passwords to ease communications for rescue and recovery operations [IB Times]. Disaster Tech Lab (DTL) has been working to install wireless network services in areas where connectivity has been lost, providing independent solar and wind energy to power their networks [VOA News].


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