Field team: survey of a masonry building in Torano Nuovo (TE)

The following photos have been taken by Eng. Davide Bellotti and Eng. Marta Faravelli, representing Eucentre.

Date:                                      9th of September, 2016

Building typology:                Masonry

Municipality:                         Torano Nuovo (TE)

Epicentral distance:             [45.6 km]


Damage typology

The building has a ground floor 5.75 m high, a mezzanine floor 1.85 m high located on the two sides of the principal stair, a first floor 3.5 m and 3.7 m high (in the different bays), a second floor 4.35 m and 4.55 m high (in the different bays) and at last there is a garret with maximum height of 2.25 m. The area of each floor, with the exception of the mezzanine, is about 320 m2.

The building was built between 1500 and 1600 and now is used for public use, in particular: the ground floor is for storage use; the first floor is used about once a month for courses organized by the municipality. The second floor and the garret are not used.


Front view and view from behind

The bearing structure is constituted by an irregular layout masonry composed of bricks and stones, as is visible from a side of the building and from different plaster removals carried out in order to realize an intervention to improve the seismic capacity of the building (this intervention has never been done).


The horizontal structures consist mainly of masonry vaults without tie rods and minimally by beams with flexible slab (beams and vaults).


The timber roof is non thrusting light.


There is several damage to masonry spandrels, masonry piers, vaults and to horizontal structures.


Masonry spandrels damaged


Masonry piers damaged


Horizontal structures damaged


Vaults damaged

There are detachments of plaster and fall of internal objects.




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