Field team: survey of a precast R.C. building in Torano Nuovo (TE)

The following photos have been taken by Eng. Davide Bellotti and Eng. Marta Faravelli, representing Eucentre.

Date:                                      9th of September, 2016

Building typology:                Precast/Cast in situ R.C.

Municipality:                                     Torano Nuovo (TE) – Building owned by the municipality used as municipal gymnasium, multipurpose hall and Caritas and Civil Protection offices

Epicentral distance:             [45.7 km]


Damage typology

The building is located on a steep slope and consists of a ground floor and two basements. The average floor area is about 740 m2 and the building was built in the late 60s. On the ground floor on the side of the main road access to the building there are the local branch of Caritas and Civil Protection. On the first basement floor there is the municipal gymnasium and the grandstand (built in the mid of 80s adjacent but not joined to the main building). On the second basement floor there is a multifunctional hall.


The bearing structure is characterized by a frame structure constituted by cast in situ reinforced concrete columns, the intermediate floor is also cast in situ, while the roof consists of slanted with a variable section large span cast in situ beams (L = 14 m) and reinforced concrete precast roof elements placed side by side.

The maximum free length of the columns at the gymnasium level is equal to 7.7 m. The external panels consists of masonry panels inserted between the columns (integrated system) and by cast in situ reinforced concrete panels placed on the external surface of the columns.


The building presents a damage in the grandstand due to the hammering of the cantilever roof beams, constructed after the gymnasium, against the existing columns.


Hammering damage of cantilever beams


There is also a subsidence of the base of the building (downstream) in front of the entrance of the multi-purpose room (3 cm displacement) which caused a fracture in the concrete casting that partially affect the overall stability of the building.



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