Field team: survey of the Rotella municipal building (AP)

The following pictures were taken by Eng. Francesco Graziotti, Eng. Paolo Morandi and Eng. Martina Mandirola representing Eucentre. Translation from Italian to English done by Elide Pantoli (University of California, San Diego)

Date:                                    August 31st 2016

Building typology:         Load-bearing masonry

Municipality:                   Rotella (AP)

Epicentral distance:      [37.5 km]

Description of the structure:

This building is situated on a slope, and it is composed by two sections of three stories above ground and one below ground ~400 m2 each. The structure is composed by load-bearing walls. It was built during the first part of the 1800s and after WWII.  The two sections of the building are linked by a small central structure, with seismic joint. The walls are composed by hollow clay bricks without bond beams (few badly located chains were detected in one wing of the building). The non-thrusting roof and the floors are in concrete and hollow brick clay.

Description of damage:

Visual inspection revealed significant damage to large sections of the vertical load bearing elements in the west wing of the building, especially  shear cracks in the masonry piers. Falling of plaster and internal objects was observed during the inspection. Evidence of foundation settlements were not observed.

The East wing of this complex did not get damaged. Since this has a separate entrance and the two portions of the building are separated by the seismic joint, it was decided to mark as unsafe only the west wing.


West (on the left) and East (on the right) wings on the building complex











Damage to a masonry pier


















Flexural damage to a spandrel wall














Cracks in a load-bearing wall (pier)












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