Italy Earthquake Webinar Briefing on October 28, 2016

October 21, 2016  
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On Friday, October 28, 2016, 3:00-5:00 pm, Pacific time, a webinar briefing will share findings from reconnaissance activities conducted after the Central Italy earthquake of August 24, 2016.

The briefing is a collaboration of NSF-sponsored Geotechnical Extreme Events Reconnaissance Association (GEER), Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI), B. John Garrick Institute for Risk Sciences at UCLA, Rete dei Laboratori Universitari di Ingegneria Sismica (ReLUIS), Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, and Eucentre Foundation. The full schedule can be seen below. The event is sponsored by GEER, EERI, B. John Garrick Risk Institute, PEER (Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center), and UCLA International Institute.

How to attend

1. Watch the briefing as a live webinar by pressing the ‘play’ button in the YouTube window below. Note, once you press ‘play’ in the center of the image, you can click the icon on the bottom right corner to view the briefing in full screen mode. You can also watch directly from YouTube. A recording of this event will be posted at this webpage within several days of the briefing.

2. Attend in person at the CNSI auditorium on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles.


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3:00-3:05 pm Opening Remarks.
Representing Consul General Antonio Verde, Valentina Gambacorta, Commercial Attache, Office of Italian Consul General

3:05-3:10 pm Overview of seismic sequence and reconnaissance activities.
Jonathan P. Stewart, GEER Team Leader

3:10-3:20 pm Regional tectonics and geology. Surface fault rupture.
Stefano Gori and Emanuela Falcucci (via video), INGV L’Aquila, GEER Team Members

3:20-3:35 pm Finite fault model and ground motions.
Paolo Zimmaro, UCLA, GEER Team Member

3:35-3:55 pm Applications of drone-based imagery. Earthquake-induced landslides.
Kevin Franke, BYU, GEER Team Member

3:55-4:05 pm Performance of bridges.
Luigi Di Sarno (via live-stream), University of Sannio, ReLuis Team Member

4:05-4:20 pm Building construction typologies. Damage classification and regional performance. Detailed damage pattern documentation.
Andrea Penna and Guido Magenes, University of Pavia, EUCentre team leaders; Maria Giovanna Durante, University of Sannio, GEER Team Member; Anastasios Sextos, University of Bristol (via video), GEER Team Member

4:20-4:40 pm Building retrofit policy and effectiveness.
Silvia Mazzoni, UC Berkeley, EERI Team Leader; Luigi Sorrentino (via video), University of Rome, La Sapienza, ReLuis Team Member

4:40-4:50 pm Emergency response and recovery.
Silvia Mazzoni, UC Berkeley, EERI Team Leader; Angelo Masi (via video), University of Basilcata, ReLuis Team Member

4:50-5:00 pm Lessons learned and next steps.
Jonathan P. Stewart, GEER Team Leader


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