Field team: survey of the San Francesco church in Campli (TE)

The following pictures were taken by Eng. Paolo Morandi, Eng. Stefano Barone and Eng. Daniele Malomo representing Eucentre. Translation from Italian to English by Elide Pantoli (University of California, San Diego)

Date:                                     September 29th 2016

Category:                             Parrochial Church

Name of the structure:     Chiesa di San Francesco

Building typology:              Unreinforced masonry

Municipality:                        Campli (TE)

Epicentral distance:          [38 km]

Description of damage:

The structure, which was already marked as unsafe after the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake, shows very severe levels of damage. There were partial collapses in the vaults, especially the apse one, and long cracks in the triumphal arch (whose pier in front of the sacristy is clearly out of plumb inward of at least 35 cm). In addition, the belfry shows a series of geometric irregularities very pronounced in the plane of the perimeter walls. It cannot be excluded the hypothesis that the out of plumbs were caused by a preexisting settlement in the foundation of the embankment located at the east of the church.


Chiesa di San Francesco Campli (TE)









Chiesa di San Francesco Campli (TE)








Chiesa di San Francesco Campli (TE)









Chiesa di San Francesco Campli (TE)


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