How to Contribute

EERI members and other earthquake risk reduction professionals can contribute to reconnaissance efforts for this earthquake in the following ways:

1. Share reconnaissance reports, media articles and/or technical info

Technical resources, such as Field observation reports and technical literature about regional earthquake risk, are extremely useful in informing reconnaissance efforts. Media reports can also be used to glean information about areas with damage.  Relevant resources should be sent to EERI staff and volunteers so they can post them to the virtual clearinghouse website. Our email is:

2. Contribute Photos and Notes

There are several ways that you can contribute to our data collection effort.  (A) Contribute relevant pre-event images of the impacted area to provide baseline data for locations that field teams should visit to observe impacts; (B) Geolocate images from media reports to inform reconnaissance team of places with damage (or good performance) where field observations by experts would be valuable; or (C) contribute post-earthquake field observations. Visit the Contribute Photos and Notes page to learn how to share your photos and notes. Once reconnaissance teams and others begin to share their photos and observations, they will also be shown on the virtual clearinghouse Maps and Photos page.  All submissions will help inform both reconnaissance and recovery efforts.

3. Curate topical information

The EERI Younger Members Committee is leading an effort to gather and glean information from media reports and technical resources into curated summaries for the virtual clearinghouse sites. Well-crafted summaries are expected to help inform reconnaissance activities, identify impacted regions, and help document the timeline of earthquake response/recovery. Anyone interested in helping to curate a topic should contact YMC Co-Chair Erica Fischer ( for more information.

4. Inform EERI of your reconnaissance plans

If you will be participating as a part of a reconnaissance mission, recovery mission, or traveling to the impacted area for any other purpose, please contact Shizza Fatima ( to inform her of your timeline and travel details.  EERI can help link you to others in the field, support you in efforts to share photos or observations, and connect you with the EERI team (if one is mobilized).

Other Ways to Contribute

Earthquake investigators are encouraged to contact EERI Clearinghouse staff at if they have suggestions about how they can contribute to this clearinghouse effort.