Earthquake-Induced Landslides: A Collection of Photographs

November 20, 2016 by  
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The day after the earthquake struck in Kaikoura, post-earthquake damage assessment teams were onsite to assess the damage caused by the shaking. The abundance of earthquake-induced landslides was particularly noticeable. Hereafter is a collection of photographs of some of the landslides seen.

  • Waipapa Bay (SH1 North of Kaikoura):

    Notice the uplifted seabed in Fig 1 above (dark brown). Uplift estimated to be between 2-2.5m.

  • Along the Hope Fault:
  • Cape Campbell to Kaikoura:
  • Cape Campbell_Kekerengu:
  • Kekerengu Fault:
  • Gore Bay to Hamner:
  • Hundalee Fault:
  • Hundalee-Cheviot:
  • Coast from Kaikoura to Gore Bay:
  • Kaikoura mountains to Blenheim:
  • North Culverden Basin:


Photos above taken by Sally Dellow and Nicola Litchfield on November 14, 2016

    • Middlehead Stream:
    • Papatea Fault:
    • Robson Creek:
    • Snowflake Stream:
    • Towy River:
    • Charwell River:
    • Clarence River:
    • Conway River:
    • Cribb Creek:
    • Hapuku River:
    • Kahutara River:
    • Kowhai River:
    • Linton Creek:
    • Miscellaneous Locations:

Photos above taken by Dougal Townsend on November 16, 2016


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