QuakeCoRE-GEER-EERI Earthquake Reconnaissance Report is now available!

  A collaboration between QuakeCoRE, GEER, and EERI has produced a new Learning From Earthquakes (LFE) reconnaissance report that summarizes impacts from the M7.8 Kaikoura, New Zealand Earthquake on November 14, 2016. Download the QuakeCoRE-GEER-EERI Earthquake Reconnaissance Report (3 MB PDF) The...

Earthquake-Induced Landslides: A Collection of Photographs

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The day after the earthquake struck in Kaikoura, post-earthquake damage assessment teams were onsite to assess the damage caused by the shaking. The abundance of earthquake-induced landslides was particularly noticeable. Hereafter is a collection of photographs of some of the landslides seen. Waipapa...

Follow-Up to Preliminary Reconnaissance of the Northern South Island

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A follow-up report on impacts to distributed infrastructure on the Northern South Island can be found here:   Preliminary Updated Part 2 (16-17 November supplement to reporting on 15 November) http://www.eqclearinghouse.org/2016-11-13-kaikoura/files/2016/11/Prelim-observations-_-overall-PART-2.pdf  

South Island Modeled Landslide Risk

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A landslide hazard prediction for the South Island can be found here: new_lshazmodels_16112016_v2_robinson